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This is us!

Skanfriends was founded in 2011 by Sascha Dieball, Kai Harms and Frank Hansen. Then, it's been just a small venture, located at the small town of Bad Bramstedt in northern Germany and Ribe, the oldest city of Denmark. With only one other team member we began working on our dream, that became reality bit by bit. Now, as of 2017, there are 15 people working for Skanfriends in four different countries. And the dream had just begun...
Sascha Dieball


Sascha Dieball has more than 20 years of experience, working in the outdoor industry.

Sascha Dieball
Managing Director, Germany
Kai Harms

Whats Up!

Kai Harms began working in the outdoor industry in 1999.

Kai Harms
Managing Director, Germany
Frank Hansen

Nice to meet!

Frank Hansen has more than 15 years of experience as a key account manager for camping and outdoor gear.

Frank Hansen
Managing Director, Denmark

Hi to all!

Matt Haack opened shop in Australia in 2016, bringing Skanfriends to down under.

Matt Haack
Managing Director, Australia

Why Choose Us?

We’re Experienced

Our highly experienced team has literally worked on thousands of products, developing, branding and importing outdoor equipment.

We’re Flexible

No matter, if you need something very special, or are working at tight schedule. We'll do everything to get the job done.

We're visionary

We are motivated to move you and your company forward by enlarging or renewing your product portfolio.
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