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Skanfriends' Product Portfolio

Skanfriends has access to an enormous range of high end and entry level product lines, ready to be produced and customised to your standards and requirements. We can provide anything from the most basic tents or equipment to high tech, low weight hiking tents and equipment. All branded and designed to your specifications.

Camping Equipment I

This is where we come from. We can offer folding chairs, camping tables, stools, torches, camping beds, cabinets etc. in every colour and shape imaginable.

Camping Equipment II

We can also provide you with sleeping bags, thermo mattresses, air beds, sitting pads etc. Just choose the quality, size, colour and shape.

Tents & Shelters

Again, everything is possible. Big family tents, lightweight hiking tents, sun shelters, pop up or quick up tents, or the good old igloo. You name it.

Rucksack & Bags

We have a lot of experience designing and developing rucksacks, bags and packs for every occasion. From big hiking backpacks or lightweight messanger bags to small customisable shopping bags.

Motorbike & caravan covers

Covers are a good opportunity to combine a great product with your marketing. Imagine the impact of high quality covers fitted with your logo at every corner of your hometown (and beyond).

Sports Equipment

We can offer a vast variety of towels, bottles, pumps, climbing gear, hiking sticks, headlamps, yoga mattresses or whatever you need for your sports, no matter if indoors or outdoors.

Leisure Products

We can provide you and your customers with versatile leisure products, like picnic blankets, beach towels, mugs and even equipment for your dog.

Household Items

Our portfolio of household items reaches from bottles, bowls, pots and other cooking utensils to door stoppers, dustbins and even electronical devices.

...and a lot more!

We are like a swiss army knife. Just ask about the things, you'd like to offer to your customers. It is very likely that we can make you a great offer. Don't miss out on this.
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